What is a Pet?

What is a Pet?

A pet is a domesticated animal that has been raised and maintained under human care. It is kept for companionship, pleasure and entertainment.

Pets come in many varieties. Some common pets include dogs, cats, parrots, fish, birds and rodents. Exotic pets include iguanas and snakes.

Pets can also be kept in captivity, and some are used as working animals. For example, therapy dogs are often brought to hospitals to calm patients and reduce stress. However, captive animals are not able to fulfill their natural needs.

Historically, pets have been used as livestock in the Old World, and dogs were probably the first species to be domesticated. They were bred to provide specific traits, such as strength and speed.

Today, pets are generally devoted to their owners. These relationships are known as symbiotic. When a pet is properly cared for, it is happy and healthy.

The primary bond in a pet-owner relationship is affection. Animals can be a source of companionship, comfort, and a source of food when other sources are scarce.

Pets can be very social, and some want to be around their owner for most of the day. However, it is important to remember that pets have feelings and stress levels like humans. Stress may cause pets to exhibit inappropriate behavior and result in clinical effects.

If you are considering getting a pet, talk to your vet and local pet association about the best type of animal for you. Ask about the proper care for the animal and what kinds of things it can eat. You can also find out about the different breeds available.

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