Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds’ Redfinger Destroyer Class

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds’ Redfinger Destroyer Class

In Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, the Destroyer job has become quite well-known among many participants. Nonetheless, this career may not be suitable for everybody. Accordingly, this article is intended to serve as a guide for novices, outlining the abilities and features of the Destroyer job in order to assist them in making an informed selection and to acquire a fundamental comprehension.

Given its moniker, “Destroyer,” the job class is not about wreaking havoc but instead is a guardian of the team. This member is a dependable part of the squad, responsible for safeguarding the team from enemy assaults. The Destroyer’s abilities center around mobility and crowd control, enabling them to enter monster groups with ease and using tactics to keep enemies in one spot, simplifying it for their colleagues and them to vanquish them.

The Expertise of the Annihilator:

This person has the ability to bring about complete destruction. They possess the capability to demolish anything that stands in their way. Their power is so great, they can wipe out whatever they choose without any hesitation mhtspace. Such a person is a destroyer, and they are highly respected.

The Destroyer is distinctive in its army of skills, specialized to provide mobility and crowd control. This job class allows the player to effectively enter and manage crowds of monsters. Among its many capabilities, the Destroyer offers:

A powerful strike known as the Whirlwind Slash is unleashed.

The player has access to the ability Whirlwind Slash, which enables them to spin and attack in a circular motion while still being able to move.

A fierce attack is what can be termed as a Savage Charge.

With Savage Charge, the hammer is violently swung up to inflict harm and the foe who receives the final blow will be hurled into the atmosphere.

At once, a blade appeared.

The Destroyer possesses the ability of Instant Blade, which enables the user to propel themselves forward and land a strike on the interbiography  target. This will slow the movement speed of the opponent that is struck.

Shout of War

The Destroyer has a one-of-a-kind ability called Battle Cry. This skill consists of two functions; it taunts opponents and allows for an all-encompassing attack that lets out a loud shout and emits a fiery power. When used, it will cause nearby enemies to become temporarily incapacitated and unable to use their skills.

The force of gravitation draws objects together, as is evident in the attraction between masses.

The power of Gravity Attraction draws multiple monsters to the user, demonstrating the shielding capabilities of the shield in an impressive way.


A person with no dread is brave and not afraid of anything. They are courageous in the face of danger and take on any challenge without hesitation. This kind of individual is fearless and is willing to risk it all to achieve a goal.

The player can increase their physical strength with the Fearless skill, which lessens the force of damage sustained over a specified period of time, but at the cost of a slower movement rate.

Achieving a competent Destroyer character in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds necessitates a judicious distribution of the character’s attributes, such as strength, defense, and agility. To construct a well-rounded character, gamers must designate attribute points dependent on their desired playstyle. For example, gamers who favor a frontline tank should put more emphasis on defense, whereas those who prioritize damage should concentrate more on strength.

It is important for Destroyer characters to have agility to evade enemy attacks and excel in battle. Players should seek to find a balance between agility and defense to create a powerful character.

Players should ensure their Destroyer character is outfitted with the most effective weapons and armor in order to fortify their fighting prowess. Through selecting gear that fits their character’s attribute set up and gaming style, they can augment their character’s effectiveness and attain victory in battles.

Team Composition and the Part Played by the Destroyer Role

The role of the destroyer within a team set-up is an important one. This position requires the player to disrupt their opponents’ plans and strategies, as well as providing support to their own team. Destroyers are often the ones who keep the opposing players from achieving their objectives. They are also responsible for providing defensive support for their team, such as stopping an enemy from taking an objective or providing defensive pressure on the enemy team. Destroyers are essential for a team to be successful, as they are able to provide the support needed to win games.

The Destroyer is a necessary part of any team composition, since they are capable of taking on the role of a tank, absorbing a great deal of damage while drawing the attention of the enemy away from their teammates. This provides the other members of the team, such as healers and damage dealers, the opportunity to be able to focus on their tasks without fear of being targeted. Furthermore, the Destroyer’s crowd control abilities make them adept at controlling the battlefield, restraining enemies and giving their team the chance to come up with successful strategies to defeat the opposition.

Final Thoughts

Forming a group in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds with a Destroyer is a must. It is an essential element for a squad, whether used for dungeons or missions. As the Destroyer’s attack power is not deemed powerful, it is important that teammates cooperate to take advantage of its tanking and crowd control skills. To become an expert in the game, players must experiment with the other professions, which can be accessed with the Redfinger Android emulator.