“intitle:””index of”” call me kat s02e08″

“intitle:””index of”” call me kat s02e08″

Sure, here’s a summary of Call Me Kat S02E08:

In the eighth episode of the second season of “Call Me Kat,” titled “Therapy,” Kat (played by Mayim Bialik) seeks help from therapy to cope with her recent breakup. Meanwhile, Max (Cheyenne Jackson) tries to convince Carter (Julian Gant) to take a day off work and enjoy life more.

The episode starts with Kat feeling down about her breakup with Oscar (Christopher Gorham). She confides in Phil (Leslie Jordan), who suggests that she goes to therapy like he does. Kat is skeptical at first but eventually agrees to give it a try.

At the same time, Max is worried about Carter’s workaholic tendencies and decides to take matters into his own hands. He invites Carter to hang out at the cafe, but Carter is too focused on work to enjoy himself. Max then enlists Randi’s (Kyla Pratt) help to give Carter a taste of what he’s missing by making him play hooky for the day.

Back at therapy, Kat meets Dr. Bonita (guest star Nicole Sullivan), a no-nonsense therapist who challenges Kat to confront her feelings about her breakup head-on. Kat is resistant at first, but as Dr. Bonita continues to push her, she starts to open up and express her true emotions.

Meanwhile, Max and Randi take Carter on a whirlwind adventure through the city, trying everything from ice skating to karaoke to food-truck tacos. Although Carter is hesitant at first, he eventually lets loose and has a great time. However, when he returns to work the next day, he finds out that his boss was disappointed in his absence and he may be in trouble.

Back at the cafe, Kat feels invigorated after her therapy session and excitedly shares her breakthrough with Phil. Although he’s happy for her, he also warns her that therapy can be a rollercoaster and she shouldn’t get too high or too low.

The episode ends with Kat feeling optimistic about her future and ready to take on whatever comes her way. Max and Carter also have a heart-to-heart, with Max telling Carter that he needs to find a balance between work and play. Carter takes Max’s advice to heart and decides to pursue his passion for music by joining a band.

Overall, “Therapy” is an engaging episode that provides a good mix of humor and heart. It’s refreshing to see Kat take control of her emotions and seek help when she needs it, and Max and Carter’s storyline adds a nice dynamic to the episode. The acting is strong across the board, with Nicole Sullivan in particular standing out as the tough-love therapist who helps Kat break down her emotional walls.

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