interview jumia africankeneokafortechcrunch

interview jumia africankeneokafortechcrunch

Buenas noches chicos y chic@s! La semana pasada, disfruté un tiempo libre y tranquilo. Cuando me acerqué a casa de mis amigos en la madrugada, no sabía que hacer. No quería hablar con el gremio de mi pueblo, pero tampoco quería irme a otra ciudad. Hablar con ellos es demasiado difícil como que ridicolizan al resto de la sociedad. O sea: voy a hablar solo con mí mismo, solamente con mis amigos y salvo para conversar con ellas cuando están planchando su bicicleta. Así que todo lo boquiabierto, me puse a pensar sobre qué hacer… Al final decidí hacer una pregunta simple: ¿Consejo contra buena onda? Porque si no fuera así… Recuerdo haberle dicho un amigo francés: “Cuanto más te consideres mal, tenga cuidado”. Así es como yo deseaba salir libre de toda actividad humana y prevenirse del peligro de emergencia. Osea:

What is your reaction to being judged?

I’ve heard it said many times: “You are so beautiful, so charming, so smart, and so great with your language!” And then, I’ll hear the second comment: “You are so stupid, so obtuse, and so full of yourself.” Am I beautiful, charming, or great with my language? No. No and no. I have some strengths, but I have also some shortcomings. I have experience and I have mistakes to make. And those are the reactions! Those are the reactions!

Do you feel bad for someone else?

This is another one of those questions that comes out of nowhere, like a kick in the teeth. Like, I don’t know, I’ve felt bad for other people for months now. And I have to stop doing it. This is a human emotion, not some strange animal. Humans are such a beautiful, vibrant, and intelligent species that they can feel bad for the rest of us, even when we are not doing anything wrong. We feel bad for the poor, the hungry, the confused, the helpless, the street-smart, the charming, the sweet, the brave, the smart, the loyal, the funny, and the beautiful. And the rest of the species is just as likely to feel bad for us.

Do you enjoy a party?

If you go to a party, you are in for a lot of fun. If you don’t go to a party, you are probably in a state of shock, trying to process what just happened. If you take part in any form of gatherings, you are probably tired, stressed, and in a state of low mood. Drinking, drugs, smoking, gambling, and any other form of excessive individualism are UNWELCOME in our strong, rich, and tolerant country. Out of respect for your fellow humans and the culture you are raised in, out partying would be inappropriate, offensive, and reprehensible. Out at a party, you are likely to feel old, lonely, and disconnected from the community you grew up in. Out partying is not a healthy way to spend your time.

Does other people around you make you feel bad?

There are a lot of things you don’t want to feel bad for, but there are a few things you can. I’ll list them one by one: – You need to take care of your health. – You need to take care of your friends. – You need to take care of your family. – You need to take care of yourself. – You need to take care of your partner. – You need to take care of your kids. – You need to take care of your home life. – You need to take care of your work life. – You need to take care of your community life. – You need to take care of your relationship life. – You need to take care of your savings life. – You need to take care of your emotional life.

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